Payment Services

Welcome to provides the Client's web-business the opportunity of acceptance of payments via international cards VISA and MasterCard.

Established in 2001 and headquartered in Chisinau, Moldova, provides turnkey e-commerce solutions to web-business customers around the world. technology supports financial functions including reporting, tracking, fraud prevention, customer service and sales tracking. is certified according to the safety standards of the payment systems VISA and MasterCard, which guarantees to credit cardholders safety and confidentiality.


Visa 3-D Secure™

The 3-D Secure™ protocol was developed by Visa to improve the security of Internet payments. It is designed to allow authentication of cardholders by their Issuers at participating merchants. The objective is to benefit all participants by providing Issuers the ability to fully authenticate cardholders during an online purchase, reducing the likelihood of fraudulent usage of Visa cards and improving overall transaction performance.

Continuing in its leadership role, Visa has licensed the 3-D Secure™ protocol to other major payment brands and the vendor community establishing the 3-D Secure™ protocol as the standard for globally interoperable Authenticated Payments.